1.0.0a2 (2022-01-14)


  • grpclib was replaced with grpc.aio

  • Now the API are only accepting bytes

  • Get, put, delete and watch operations are wrapped into friendlier result types

  • Implementation of delete_range method (#14)

  • All grpc exceptions are now wrapped by ClientError

  • Locking implementation is now in-sync with upstream version

  • Add Python 3.10 support


  • Fix raising ConnectionTimeoutError errors on client timeout (#13)

  • Correctly shutdown the watcher on RPC stream termination


  • The project documentation was reorganized, all API types and methods are now on a single page

  • Many methods and types were documented, in sync with etcd documentation


  • The only runtime dependencies now are grpcio and protobuf


  • Tests were refactored into separate modules divided into two groups: unit and integration

  • Use the latest upstream version of etcd for tests, instead of a system-packaged one

  • Fixed broken tests

  • Removed dead code

1.0.0a1 (2021-12-26)

API changes

  • Rename the package to aetcd

  • Remove client helper and rename Etcd3Client to Client

  • Rename to Client.connect, this is a more appropriate name

  • Refactor exception names and provide them via base package imports, see the docs for details


  • Bump the project dependencies

  • Update proto files from upstream etcd 3.5.1

0.1.0a7 (2021-04-29)


  • Update proto files from upstream etcd 4.3.15

  • Move proto files out of aetcd package

  • Improved documentation

  • Setup quotes and import linting

  • Code cleanup

0.1.0a6 (2021-04-27)


  • Build packages only on the latest supported python version

0.1.0a5 (2021-04-27)


  • Await for stream end


  • Support for aiofiles 0.6.x

  • Bump setup dependencies: pip 21.1, setuptools 56.0.0

  • Bump test dependencies: pytest 6.2.3, pytest-asyncio 0.15.1

  • Bump dev dependencies: flake8 3.9.1, grcpio-tools 1.37.0

  • Get rid of tox

  • Manage everything via provided Makefile, use CI to upload tagged packages

0.1.0a4 (2021-03-26)

  • Bump setuptools_scm to 0.6.1

0.1.0a3 (2021-03-26)

  • Bump grpclib version ranges to fix incompatibility with h2

  • Bump packaging, dev and test dependencies to recent versions

  • Get rid of python 3.7 support

0.1.0a2 (2020-06-22)

  • Add Python 3.7 support

  • Coverage reports

  • Run tests on CI

0.1.0a1 (2020-06-09)

  • First release on PyPI.